Eat the seasons: Asparagus

UK asparagus is widely considered the best in the world, and it’s in season right now, but it won’t be for long! In just a few weeks, it will disappear from our farmers’ markets and greengrocers, so why not make the most of it?

Not only is asparagus naturally gluten-free, it’s a nutritional powerhouse as well! Asparagus contains high levels of vitamin A and folic acid, which are believed to play an important role in the fight against cancer. It’s rich in soluble fibre, known to help protect against heart disease, and it has heaps of potassium, which may help control blood pressure. Asparagus is also one of the richest sources of rutin (a natural substance found in plants) which together with vitamin C, can help energise and protect the body from infections. Asparagus is also a source of iron, which boosts the immune system and prevents anaemia. And on top of all that, it’s a mild diuretic… all of which makes it perfect for a light (and delicious) spring detox.

We think the best way to enjoy asparagus is the simplest: drizzle a generous bunch with some extra-virgin olive oil and grind over a bit of sea salt and pepper, then grill the spears on the barbecue for just a couple of minutes, until they’re marked but not charred. Squeeze over half a lemon, and enjoy a true springtime delicacy!

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