New Year, New You: The Nutritionist’s Guide to the Boost Your Energy Diet

*Happy New Year to all our friends and followers! We hope you all had a great Christmas, and that the excesses of the season are a distant memory! At ilumi we like a challenge, so we thought we’d get 2014 off to a great start by putting together a plan to help you start the new year with health at the front of your minds.*

**What is the Boost Your Energy Diet?**

January is *the* month for healthy eating – everyone seems to be looking for a quick fix to the excesses of the party season. We all want to feel better, look better and have more energy to tackle the exciting year ahead.

That’s where ilumi comes in. Our first few months of business have been very much about getting to know our customers. Many of our biggest fans are people who have coeliac disease or food allergies – and for these people, our allergy guarantee is not just a plus, but an essential part of staying healthy. However, we’ve also heard from plenty of people who tell us that they’re choosing a gluten-free life not because of a diagnosed allergy or intolerance, but because going gluten-free has made a real difference to how they feel. For them, and potentially for you too, switching to a nutritionally balanced gluten-free diet might make all the difference when it comes to boosting your energy levels and getting rid of uncomfortable feelings of bloating.

The ‘Boost your Energy Diet” is a an ultra-easy package to help you go totally gluten-free for 7 days. Just visit [this page for more details.][1] You’ll be able to add all the products in the plan to your basket in one click. Then we’ll deliver everything you need to your doorstep: 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners and some tasty gluten-free snacks, plus an easy-to-follow guide. (We’ll even pop two gluten-free beers into your box for free – how’s that for a diet?)

**How can I expect to feel if I follow the plan?**

Our plan is designed to make trying gluten-free as simple as possible. Many of our customers have told us that cutting out gluten improved how they felt, especially when it came to feelings of bloating or tiredness. The difference the plan makes for you will depend on what your usual diet looks like – do you manage to eat pretty healthily most of the time but maybe eat all the wrong things at the weekend? Or perhaps you don’t eat regular meals, but have most of your calories late in the evening? Whatever your usual diet, following our 7-day plan could make a real difference.

**Is the plan nutritionally complete?**

The Boost Your Energy Diet is designed to help you change your eating habits, and hopefully boost your energy levels as well. Along with your ilumi meals and snacks, we include a page of tips to help make sure you get a good balance of nutrients during your 7-day trial: 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, lean protein sources, and gluten-free carbohydrates. Of course, everyone is different, so some people might need to supplement the plan with a few extra calories. This challenge isn’t meant to be a weight loss plan (although many people do find they drop a few pounds), so it’s important that you find the right level of food to make sure you’re not ravenous.

**What happens after the 7 days?**

This plan is meant as an introduction to going gluten-free for people who suspect that something they’re eating doesn’t agree with them. After 7 days of following the plan, you may decide that being gluten-free isn’t for you. That’s absolutely fine – ilumi meals can still be enjoyed by people who aren’t looking to exclude gluten from their diets.

If you have found a difference in how you feel by following the plan, then you might decide that being gluten-free is something that you would like to carry on. If you like , we can offer an additional 7 days of our plan, but after 14 days it’s important to have a conversation with your GP or another health professional to tell them how you felt on the plan, and explore whether staying gluten-free is the right thing for you. (You can also get great advice about following a gluten-free diet from organisations such as [Coeliac UK][2] and [Allergy UK][3]). It’s important to note that this plan is not a substitute for a doctor’s advice; if you suspect you might be sensitive to gluten or another allergen, it’s important to get tested and properly diagnosed.

In the end, though, if going gluten-free helps you to feel more energised, less bloated and generally healthier, then that’s fantastic! As you continue on your gluten-free journey, ilumi will be here to support you with our ever-growing range of soups, sauces and meals.


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