Delicious warming meals for autumn!

October is here and those crisp autumn mornings have arrived. The leaves are starting to change colour, temperatures have dipped and that brisk breeze is slowly setting in.

As the first signs of the colder season sneak in, summer feels like a distant memory. However all is not lost! There’s plenty of things to love about autumn; open fires and hot drinks replace sunburn, insect repellent and stifling humidity! At last we can finally feel the benefit of a heart-warming meal whilst curled up in front of the television – and that’s exactly where we come in!

We’ve devised a list of our top 5 ilumi comforting meals that will help keep you warm this autumn:

[Coq au Vin][1] – This classic rustic French dish has stood the test of time. We’ve given our version a little ilumi twist by combining Alec Mercer’s tender free-range chicken with a medium bodied Beaujolais wine, then adding authentic Italian pancetta to give the perfect touch of smokiness.

[Tender Pork with Suffolk Cider and Wholegrain Mustard][2] – Our Head Recipe Developer, Annette, describes our Tender Pork as a “hug of a dish”. When served with crushed potatoes, it make for a warming and genuinely filling meal, perfect for a chilly October evening.

[Beef Casserole][3] – Casseroles are the ultimate winter signature dish – guaranteed to make you feel full and warm. Our version combines slow cooked beef in a fresh beef stock, red wine and thyme gravy with diced potato and chunky vegetables.

[Lamb in Gluten Free Ale with Haricot Beans][4] – We’ve combined our tender Lamb with Yorkshire Against the Grain Gluten Free Ale to create a deep, rich flavour that evokes chilli autumn evenings spent by the fire – we recommend serving with mashed potato and wilted spinach!

[Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce][5] – A moreish family friendly dish. Deliciously seasoned minced beef balls in a hearty chunky tomato sauce. Perfect paired with our [Doves Farm Brown Rice Spaghetti][6].

These warming dishes are ideal as a hearty filling work lunch, a convenient family dinner, or a guilt-free substitute to the usual Saturday night takeaway. Best enjoyed curled up on the sofa, in front of the fire armed with the TV remote in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!

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