National Curry week: Get your curry in a hurry

As those brisk winter days draw near, there is no better way to warm yourself up than with a fragrant aromatic curry. Here at ilumi we have over 10 different varieties under our belt (including two award winners), [National Curry Week][1] is the perfect excuse to broaden your horizons and give them a try! Not only are all of our meals gluten, nut and dairy free they’re also low in both fat and calories – a guilt-free worry-free takeaway.

The majority of you will probably be most familiar with Indian Curry – in name, if not in taste. An Indian curry traditionally contains a mixture of cumin, turmeric and coriander, but plenty more levels of seasoning and spices will probably make up your local favourite. It’s difficult to categorise all the different regional variations under one umbrella, so we won’t begin to try!

Here are our favourite ilumi Indian curries:

[Lamb Rogan Josh][2]

[Kerala Chicken Curry][3]

[Vegetable and Chickpea Jalfrezi][4]

[Cardamom Chicken][5]

South East Asian flavours are becoming a huge part of the UK restaurant scene, which comes as no surprise considering the cuisine is not only tasty but healthful and attractive too! South East Asian Curry is packed full of Thai flavours often including lemon grass, chili, lime juices and fish sauce. Traditionally hotter & more fragrant than Indian curries.

Try our authentic ilumi varieties:

[Aromatic Thai Red Chicken Curry][6]

[Geng Gari Curry][7]

[South Vietnamese Fish Curry][8]

[Chicken Laksa][9]

[Chicken Massaman Curry][10]

Don’t forget we also have a number of tasty side dishes to complete a curry feast – try spicy or plain rice, chickpea mixes or lentil dhal.


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