ilumi Noodle Pots

Introducing the newest additions to the ilumi family, our brand new noodle snack pots and rice, perfect for a healthy lunch time bite.

Noodle Pots

Each pot contains less than 1 gram of fat and no more than 300 calories and they’re incredibly easy to cook! All you need to do is…

– Empty seasoning sachet over the noodle block.

– Add boiling water from the kettle to the line indicated.

– Stir.

– Re apply lid and leave to stand for a good 4 minutes.

– Once settled, stir well, separate noodles and enjoy!


Singapore Style Rice NoodlesONLY £1.99

Instant rice noodles with a Singapore-style curry sauce with carrot, spring onion, red onion and peas. A vegetarian ‘posh pot noodle’ with a mild heat. Just add hot water and you’ve got a tasty on-the-go lunchtime snack.


Sweet Chilli Rice Noodles – ONLY £1.99

A quick and easy ‘posh pot noodle’ with gluten free rice noodles – a classic sweet chilli flavour with a medium spicy kick. Just add hot water!


Tom Yum Gai Rice Noodles – ONLY £1.99

Enjoy this hot and spicy Tom Yum-style noodle broth as a quick and easy snack or lunch time treat. Instant gluten free rice noodles with a spicy and fragrant sauce. Suitable for vegetarians.


Vietnamese Style Beef Pho Rice Noodles – ONLY £1.99

Vietnamese Pho instant rice noodles with spicy beef stock, red peppers, mushrooms, spring onion, leeks and coriander – a delicious and fragrant lunch time treat. Just add hot water. All gluten free of course!


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