Gluten Free Pastry Tips

– Don’t try and replicate recipes that are wheat based, this is because the ratios for flour and the liquid used will be different when using gluten free substitutes.

– Keeping your ingredients cold is the key to making fluffy gluten free pastry. It’s paramount that you make sure your butter is cold, as when the pastry meets the hot oven, the butter melts and creates steam, resulting in the pastry’s foundations becoming puffy and flaky.

– Try different avenues when making your pie. You may have an idea of what you want your bake to look like, but with the erratic nature of gluten free pastry this perfect bake you have dreamed of may not always be the finished product. Try nut based crusts or maybe a cookie crust to try and create a more stable, and maybe, even tastier pastry.

– Buckwheat flour is an excellent alternative. Though the name might suggest otherwise it actually has nothing to do with wheat. It gives the pastry a nutty flavour and when mixed with xanthan gum it makes it easy to roll out.

– Never heard of xanthan gum?  That’s the reason you’ve been frustrated by collapsing pastry all of your gluten free life. This, and guar gum, are necessary as it is, fundamentally, the gluten replacement. It’s what makes the dough pliable and gives it structure.

– Chilling your pie dough before rolling is essential to producing a tasty crust. It gives the fats a chance to become solid and it also prevents the butter from melting. The suggested time for chilling is about an hour, maybe wrap it in plastic if you want to just chill it overnight.

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