National Curry Week – Best Gluten Free Supermarket Sides


curry 2


Ashoka – Bombay Biryani


‘Good heat after the spices’ 4/5

‘Good texture and strong flavour. The grains are a good length too, but it is perhaps a bit salty’ 3/5

‘Warm spice and the rice has a nice soft and sticky texture. Not too stodgy and the it’s got a nice appearance’ 4/5

‘Looks really good and colourful and the taste matches the appearance. Spicy and soft but the veg is very rubbery.’ 4/5

Uncle Ben’s Veg Pilau Rice

uncle bens

‘Good Savoury taste like golden rice packet. Really nice visually as well’ 4/5

‘Bland and no real flavour. Nice texture to the rice though’ 2/5

‘Quite citrusy taste, really different to other microwaveable rice. Nice appearance too’ 4/5

‘Bland, not much too it’ 1/5

‘The appearance is really nice and fresh. There’s good colour and a nice chilli flavour’ 3/5

‘Flavoursome and very fragrant’ 5/5

‘Bland with a slight after taste’ 2/5

Veetee Peri Peri Rice


‘Vibrant to look at, but it’s not exactly natural looking.’ 2/5

‘Poor flavour profile and very mushy’ 1/5

‘Is this sweet and sour? bland appearance and weird ‘tomatoey’ taste’

‘Soft texture and very subtle flavour’ 3/5

‘Colourful appearance. Strong chilli and tomato taste, nice texture too.’ 4/5

Tilda – Lime & Coriander Rice

tilda lime

‘Nice and citrusy. Almost a thai infused rice. Good texture and herb distribution. Tastes a lot better than it looks’ 4/5

‘Strong lime and coriander flavour. Good grain length and nice texture in the rice.’ 4/5

‘Not a nice flavour, but the rice texture is good.’ 1/5


Geeta’s – Premium mango Chutney


‘Nice and sweet but not much sweet. Really like the onion seeds, very authentic’ 4/5

‘Sweet flavour, and good chunks of fruit. Very moreish’ 4/5

‘Nice kick – good flavours and variety of tastes.’ 5/5

Tesco – Cucumber Raita Dip


‘A bit sour and a poor after taste’ 1/5

‘Too artificial and gloopy. Not sure whether garlic mayo or raita?’ 2/5

‘Great flavour and better than most raita’s I’ve tasted. Good thickness. Has it got cheese in?’ 4/5

Tesco finest – Mango chutney

tesco finest

‘Flavours not balanced. Too strong and the appearance isn’t the best’ 3/5

‘Strange spice and very thick’ 1/5

‘Darker than others – looks like sweet and sour not mango chutney’ 3/5

‘Awful’ 0/5

Patak’s Mango Chutney


‘lumps are too big, and the flavours not balanced it’s far too strong’ 2/5

‘Sweet but too runny’ 2/5

‘Really nice, fruity and sweet.’ 4/5

‘Very nice, lovely fruity flavour and the textures superb.’ 5/5


Sharwoods’ Mango Chutney



‘Very moreish because of it’s tangy core. Very smooth appearance’ 4/5

‘Tastes like cardboard.’ 0/5

‘Could do with added chilli flakes or fruit pieces. Better flavour than expected though.’ 4/5

‘Strong kick and aftertaste. Very fruity!’ 4/5


Tesco – 8 Plain Pappadums

poppadoms Tesco

‘Good solid crunch, not very thick though and slightly bland’ 1/5

‘Crispier rather than crunch. Very tasty though.’ 4/5

‘Bland and it leaves slight residue in the mouth’ 1/5

Morrisons – Plain Poppadoms



‘Some spice to it, good flavour and crunch.’ 3/5

‘Just your standard poppadom really.’ 4/5

‘Poor appearance and the texture isn’t the best. A bit too salty. Nice and crunchy though.’ 2/5

Patak’s Poppadoms


‘Good bite and nice fried taste’ 5/5

‘Oily appearance but very crisp and tasty’ 3/5

‘Slight spice kick, and it has a good crunch.’ 3/5

‘Looks homemade when it comes out the microwave. Bubbly texture and very crispy.’ 5/5


Tesco – Free From Pitta Breads

tesco pittas

‘Bland taste, but the texture was quite bubbly. Felt it crumble as soon as it went in my mouth.’ 3/5

‘Dry, no flavour, no salt.’ 0/5

‘Dry.’ 2/5

‘Dry bread and it’s very bland. Tastes quite starchy and floury.’ 1/5

Tesco – Garlic Coriander Naan

garlic naan

‘Very strong flavour but not in a good way.’ 1/5

‘Moister than other gluten free naans and slightly more gooey than expected.’ 4/5

‘Looks really good, but once again it was dry and with little spice.’ 3/5

Livwell Garlic & Coriander Naan bread


‘Looks like it should be full of flavour, but it’s not.’ 1/5

‘Visually it’s very nice but it’s more like a pitta bread. Very dry and bland. Nice herb usage though.’ 3.5/5

‘Preferred this naan than the other 2. It has a very floury mouth feel though.’ 3/5


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