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Free From Halloween Tips

Use Pumpkin


Pumpkin carving wasn’t brought into Halloween tradition until the late 19th century when Irish immigrants brought the custom to North America, but now the fruit has become a symbol of the holiday. More importantly pumpkin is also gluten and dairy free and can be used as the centre piece for many tasty dishes. We’ve put together a Pinterest board of our favourite pumpkin recipes from around the web. Check it out here.

Jelly Shots

jelly shots

Jelly is gluten free (but as you know always read the label!) so why not couple it with a splash of spirit so the adults can get involved in the fun and games. Use different coloured jelly’s and only add the alcohol to a smattering so you can play a ghostly game of shot roulette!

Apple Bobbing 

apple bobbing

The game:

Place apples in a basin of water.

Blindfold contestants.

Their aim is to take as many apples from the basin only using their mouth as possible.

The person with the least amount of apples in their basin at the end of the allotted time wins!

Apples are 100% naturally gluten and milk free meaning you and your friends and family can all take part in this traditional Halloween party game.

Did you know: This game was traditionally played by the Romans to remember the goddess of trees and fruits, Pomona.

Prepare For Trick or Treaters with Allergies

Six children in costumes trick or treating at woman's house

With us lot being more allergy aware than the regular trick or treater, we should take the time to cater for the children knocking on our door on Saturday who, due to allergies,  may not be able to eat any of your sweets. So why not stock up on things like bouncy balls, glow stickers, fangs and sticky spiders so that they can join in on the fun!

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