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ilumi in Asda – Store Guide

Since we announced that ilumi was taking the faithful leap from online to in store, we’ve had many requests and queries for information about which Asda supermarkets our ready meals and noodle pots will be stocked. So we thought we’d provide you with a definitive guide to which stores will be selling ilumi!

Find below a downloadable document which states the item, the variety and the Asda store name (city/town name) so you can see whether your local Asda will have ilumi on their shelves.

ilumi Asda store guide – Download here


To find your hometown store all you need to do is:

highlight the top title row.



Then go to the ‘data’ tab at the top of the document and click filter.

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A small arrow will appear on the title row. Click this and a drop down list will appear with the towns and cities of all the Asda stores ilumi is stocked in. Search for your hometown or closest city and if ilumi is on the shelves, the dish and variety that is stocked will appear in the relevant columns.

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Unfortunately not all of the ilumi range made it over to retail, but the dishes that did make it are definitely some of our tastiest. Take a look at which meals and snack pots you can find in your local Asda store:

Kerala Chicken Curry

Reduced-image-Kerala-Chicken-Curry_Front Reduced-image-Kerala-Chicken-Curry_Rear


Marinated chicken in a mild and creamy southern Indian curry sauce made with coconut milk and aromatic ground spices.

Za’atar Chicken

Reduced-image-Za'atar-Chicken_Front Reduced-image-Za'atar-Chicken_Rear

We’ve taken the classic Moroccan spices of cinnamon, ground coriander, cumin and turmeric and used them to spice up our delicious free range chicken, to which we have added brown basmati rice, raisins and apricots for a truly comforting Middle Eastern supper.
Beef in Black Bean Sauce


The unique slightly salty, bitterness of the fermented black beans gives a caramelised note and a depth to this Asian dish much as an ale does to a classic beef stew! The beef is cooked in a sauce made from the black beans, along with chili, garlic, soy, vinegar, and a touch of sugar…a great balance of salt, sweet, sour and heat!

Slow-Cooked Beef Casserole

Reduced-image-Slow-Cooked-Beef-Casserole_Front Reduced-image-Slow-Cooked-Beef-Casserole_Rear

Slow cooked gluten-free beef casserole in a fresh beef stock, red wine and thyme gravy with diced potato and chunky vegetables.

Mediterranean Style Rice with Pork and Chorizo

Reduced Image - Mediterranean style Rice with Pork & Chorizo_Front Reduced Image - Mediterranean style Rice with Pork & Chorizo_Rear

Our marinated pork and diced chorizo make great partners in this Mediterranean influenced dish. Their smoky, meaty flavours combine with onion, long grain brown rice and peppers to create a comforting robust dish.

Sweet Chilli Stir Fry Sauce

Reduced-image-Sweet-Chilli-Stir-Fry-Sauce_Front Reduced-image-Sweet-Chilli-Stir-Fry-Sauce_Rear

An Asian influenced sweet and sour combination of tomato, honey, ginger and white wine vinegar.

Sweet Soy & Ginger Stir Fry Sauce

Reduced-image-Sweet-Soy-&-Ginger-Stir-Fry-Sauce_Front Reduced-image-Sweet-Soy-&-Ginger-Stir-Fry-Sauce_Rear


Winning Highly Commended in the store cupboard catergory at the 2015 Free From Food Award our Sweet Soy & Ginger sauce really adds that extra element to your stir fry. For an extra kick add some finely chopped chilli and fresh, chopped coriander just before serving.

Kashmiri Rice



A savoury mix of long grain rice with sultanas, apple, spices and cumin seeds. A new fruity Asian-inspired dried rice mix with a subtle spice from ilumi – easy cook on a hob.

Vietnamese Beef Pho Rice Noodle Pot

Reduced Image - Vietnamese-style-Beef-Pho-Rice-Noodles_Rear Reduced-Image---Vietnamese-style-Beef-Pho-Rice-Noodles_Front

Vietnamese Pho instant rice noodles with spicy beef stock, red peppers, mushrooms, spring onion, leeks and coriander – a delicious and fragrant lunch time treat. Just add hot water. All gluten free of course!

Tom Yum Rice Noodle Pot

Reduced-image---Tom-Yum-Gai-Rice-Noodles_Front Reduced-image---Tom-Yum-Gai-Rice-Noodles_Rear


Enjoy this hot and spicy Tom Yum-style noodle broth as a quick and easy snack or lunch time treat. Instant gluten free rice noodles with a spicy and fragrant sauce. Suitable for vegetarians.

Sweet Chilli Rice Noodle Pot

Reduced-Image---Sweet-Chilli-Rice-Noodles_Front Reduced-Image---Sweet-Chilli-Rice-Noodles_Rear


A quick and easy ‘posh pot noodle’ with gluten free rice noodles – a classic sweet chilli flavour with a medium spicy kick. Just add hot water!

Singapore Rice Noodle Pot

Reduced-Image---Singapore-style-Rice-Noodles_Front Reduced-Image---Singapore-style-Rice-Noodles_Rear

Instant rice noodles with a Singapore-style curry sauce with carrot, spring onion, red onion and peas. A vegetarian ‘posh pot noodle’ with a mild heat. Just add hot water and you’ve got a tasty on-the-go lunchtime snack.

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