Which is the best gluten free bread?

When it comes to gluten free, the best bread is one of the most hotly debated topics. Which one is the nicest? Which one tastes the most like ‘normal’ bread? Do some toast better than others Options used to be limited, but now, with just about every well known bread brand and supermarkets introducing a gluten free bread, the choices are aplenty.


BFree Soft White Loaf – 6/10BFree
It may not have been the favourite, but BFree has still got a lot to be proud of. You’d be (pleasantly) surprised when eating this if someone told you it was GF – it has a great texture, a nice taste, and it doesn’t fall apart when you try and make it a sandwich. It does, however, come with a slightly different aftertaste – something between sweet and savoury.
Free from: wheat, gluten, egg and dairy free. £3.00  

Schär Wholesome White Loaf – 8/10Schar
A clear favourite, this really was hard to beat. The slices may be a little small compared to your average slice of bread, but it more than makes up for it in taste. It has somewhat of a sweet aftertaste – not something you’d usually expect from bread, but alsosomething that was greatly appreciated. It’s competitively priced, too, giving this bread everything it needs to be a strong contender.
Free from: wheat, gluten and preservative. £2.55


Warburtons Brown Farmhouse Loaf – 7/10Warburtons
When you think of bread, the first things that come to mind are crumbiness and crusts, right? Well, Warburtons ticks those boxes. It has the perfect combination of a nice, thick crust with a soft centre and makes a cracking sandwich thanks to its even consistency and lack of flakiness.
Free from: wheat, gluten and milk. £3.05


Genius Soft White Sandwich Loaf – 5/10Genius
If toast is your favourite form of bread, then this is the bread for you. With a satisfying texture, the addition of three minutes in a toaster transforms this from any old bread to a toast heaven. Don’t let the colour put you off – it may be a little pale, but a quick sprinkling of your favourite spread does the job.
Free from: wheat, gluten and milk. £2.75


Sainsbury’s Deliciously Freefrom Bread – 6/10Sainsbury's
Being the cheapest of the bunch, we were a little apprehensive of this one, but we needn’t have worried. It’s tasty, has a great crust and makes fabulous toast. But that’s not all – it doesn’t carry that dry taste that lots of GF breads do, either, so if you’re after a sandwich and don’t want to compromise, head to Sainsbury’s.
Free from: wheat, gluten and milk. £2.30


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