Looking for some free from cheese?

No one should have to miss out on cheese, so we have tasted the best free from options out there. Get ready for some gouda cheese and grate flavours.

Ocado cheddar style cheese – 7/10

You’d have a hard time believing us if we said this wasn’t regular cheese. Slightly mild, it has
a satisfying taste and looks nice once it is served up, although it is a little crumbly. It’s soft to
touch with just the right colour to it, and we speak with confidence when we say you would
have no idea this dairy free.
Free from: dairy, gluten and wheat. £2.25

Sainsbury’s soft cheese – 5/10
A coconut-based alternative to cheese, this cream cheese resemblance was closer to that of
yoghurt, with a slightly grey tinge. It was soft in texture and carried a similar composition to
that of a regular cream cheese, just with a slightly powdery aftertaste.
Free from: wheat, gluten, milk and egg. £1.80

Violife original block cheese – 6/10
It may be slightly rubbery in touch and taste, but this gives cheese a good run for its money
to say it’s the most accommodating to food allergies. It’s free from just about everything, and
just like the Sainsbury’s options, coconut oil is one of the main ingredients. Thanks to its
great melting abilities, this is the cheese for you if you’re after cheese on toast!
Free from: dairy, soya, gluten, lactose, nuts and preservatives. £2.39

Sainsbury’s cheddar style cheese – 4/10
The least favourite of all the cheeses we tasted, this cheese had a slightly off-putting
aftertaste. It was crumbly to touch, making the slicing of it rather tricky. The texture was nice
and it didn’t taste rubbery, like free from cheese often can. However, for us the taste wasn’t
quite there and the cheese carried a rather distinctive bright yellow colouring.
Free from: wheat, gluten, milk and egg. £2.25

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